Precision Welding Santa Barbara | Seismic Retrofitting
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A Seismic Retrofit upgrades older buildings and structures that are not able to sustain seismic (earthquake) activity to meet current building practice standards. There have been many buildings in Santa Barbara that were built using unreinforced masonry (brick) and many of those buildings have been upgraded using structural steel to strengthen them.


We can help create or install seismic retrofitting to strengthen any structure using our custom fabrication services and craftsmen.  Seismic retrofitting typically entails installing various types of anchors and hardware to improve the performance of the structure during and seismic event.


The process of securing the wood framing to the concrete foundation is a common and relatively simple process. We specialize in foundation bolting, cripple wall bracing. We can provide your seismic construction only if you already have structural plans or we can provide structural design and permitting in addition to the structural upgrades.